Long-Term World-Class Asset Management

Risk Reduction through Full Life Cycle Reliability

Long-term service agreements reduce risk and improve productivity by achieving full life cycle reliability. Enerflex has a dedicated team of application engineers trained to develop firm-price service plans for between three and 10 years, using our own condition-based, predictive analytics. 

By integrating our asset management teams with customer maintenance strategies, we can give cost assurance for parts and labour over the long term. Enerflex is a true partner in scheduled maintenance — as owner-operators of assets ourselves, we understand how important it is to manage risk and control costs. We service your assets like our own.

Flexible service agreements can be tailored to match customer needs, everything from parts kits to full service and maintenance packages that guarantee uptime.

The Enerflex Advantage

  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime over the long-term.
  • Collaboration with your production team to schedule maintenance activities.
  • Dedicated asset management teams that augments an already exceptional after-market service provided by our extensive branch network.
  • Flexible agreements that are tailored to equipment and customer-specific needs.

Enerflex in Action

  • Northern Alberta, Canada

    Long Term Service Agreement for G3304 and Frick XJF151

    An Enerflex customer was operating a fleet of multiple G3304 and Frick XJF151 units in northern Alberta. The remote location made it challenging for the customer to manage costs associated with maintenance.


    The Enerflex asset management team worked collaboratively with the customer and the service branch to forecast and schedule preventive maintenance services on multiple units. Trending operating data, frequent communication, depth in the number of trained technicians, and on-hand inventory in strategically located service facilities — all enabled flexibility in scheduling and predictability in execution, resulting in 30% savings for the customer through an exclusive maintenance partnership with Enerflex.

  • Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia

    Long Term Service Agreement for 420,000 HP of Compression

    Enerflex provided engine swings in the field; workshop overhauls of engines, compressors, and electric motors; plus all parts necessary to undertake a multi-faceted service contract. The project demanded overhaul maintenance and general maintenance labor support — including supplementary servicing and parts support, equipment tuning, performance optimization, and emergency breakdown maintenance.  

    Enerflex also provided the planning, engineering, and technical support for the project. The team managed the overhaul, emergency spares, and preserved rotatable equipment inventory, including technical support and interface with all OEM equipment to ensure reliability.


    The serviced equipment is spread over a 200 km radius with multi-discipline activities, including heavy lifts and hazardous areas, making for many challenges with respect to client expansion and multiple interfaces. Additionally, there were seven equipment OEM configurations, warehousing logistics, and lack of resources due to shifting timeframes.

    This project is the largest of its kind in the Australian market for Enerflex. The Company is able to offer an end-to-end solution, encompassing the servicing and support on a long-term basis. Enerflex has the ability to undertake both field and workshop overhauls by using existing infrastructure and investment in both the Surat Basin and Brisbane.