Compression equipment powered by renewable sources –

A Cost Effective Solution to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Enerflex has been actively involved in the e-compression space for decades, and to-date we have installed over 3 million horsepower of electric-motor compression worldwide.

Our team of dedicated specialists work with customers on delivering a range of solutions:

  • Electrification of gas compression solutions
  • Solar self-generation
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Remote generation
  • Flare-to-power Combined cycle power plants
  • Eliminate 100% of exhaust emissions by switching to electric motor drive.
  • Operational flexibility.
  • Increased reliability, greater run time, less maintenance downtime, and lower costs.
  • Eliminates Scope 1 emissions.
  • Solutions include – renewable energy reducing Scope 2 emissions.

Eliminate 100% of Exhaust Emissions By Switching To Electric Motor Drive