Power from Natural Waste Shouldn’t Go to Waste

Harvest the Potential of Biogas-Driven Cogeneration

Using biogas created from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste, our reciprocating engines can generate renewable power and heat for your community or industry. For farms, breweries, food producers, waste processors, or pulp and paper mills, biogas cogeneration can boost profits and reduce emissions.

Extracting Value From What Society Throws Away

The process of biogas generation starts with the collection of organic waste. Either from within your facility or imported as a feedstock, many kinds of organic waste can form the basis of biogas production. 

Animal manure, household food scraps, as well as fats-oils-greases (FOG) are the most common feedstocks for biogas production. Once pasteurized, these residues are fed into airtight digesters for a number of days. They are broken down by anaerobic bacteria to become a very stable fertilizer and a valuable renewable methane gas known as biogas.

Biogas to Power. Enerflex Delivers.

Enerflex is the Jenbacher Distributor and Service Provider for Canada and also provides Jenbacher products and lifecycle solutions across most USA states. The Company is also a global Platinum Power Packager for Waukesha engines and parts. See more detailed product information about the different INNIO engine types and applications.

Enerflex in Action

  • Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada

    9 MW Cogeneration Plant — Wastewater Treatment Facility

    As part of an initiative to reduce their environmental footprint, our customer built a massive wastewater treatment system to clean the effluent waters from their pulp mill. Their innovative system uses a state-of-the-art anaerobic process to convert the waste water into renewable methane (biogas). Once the biogas is cleaned of excess water and H2S, the Enerflex cogeneration plant converts the methane into renewable electricity and heat.

    Enerflex secured the integrated turnkey contract by utilizing the expertise of its in-house engineers to deliver a complete turnkey cogeneration plant solution. As the prime contractor of the project, this turnkey solution included the engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation, and commissioning. At the heart of the plant are three Jenbacher JGS620 engines that provide a combined electrical output of over 9 MW. 


    These dual-fuel high efficiency gas gensets run primarily on biogas and have the capability to switch to a blend of biogas and natural gas. Heat is also recovered by the Enerflex plant to provide heat for the pulp process. This innovative solution has allowed the customer to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.