CO2 Solutions Covering the Natural Gas Value Chain

Over 150 Proven Projects – Moving over 5 MMT/Y of CO2

CCUS is a key avenue to achieving deep decarbonization globally. According to multiple sources, CCUS projects have safely stored more than 41 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of taking more than 8 million cars off the road. It will be virtually impossible for the world to achieve net zero GHG without the expansion of CCUS.

At Enerflex, we have a long history of being involved in strategies to reduce the impact of carbon and GHG on the environment, and we are committed to being a leader in this space. Having successfully completed 150 CCUS projects over the past 40 years – capturing over 5 million tonnes of CO2 annually, we have the internal capability for the design, engineering, and technology requirements and are focused on growing our scope in helping customers reduce their GHG emissions.

Amount of carbon dioxide that will be captured and permanently sequestered through carbon capture projects sold in 2022 with projected operational start-up by 2024.

Enerflex’s solutions cover industrial processing, post combustion, transport, and CO2 injection, including:

  • Post Combustion CO2 capture requires separating diluted CO2 from flue gases after the combustion of fossil fuels.
  • One of the biggest challenges in post-combustion capture is separating the relatively low concentration of CO2 from the large amounts of nitrogen in the flue gas.
  • R&D efforts are focused on advanced solvent, sorbent, and membrane systems as well as novel combinations of these solutions.
  • Industry Applications – Petroleum Refining, Natural Gas Power Generation, Coal Power Generation, Cement Production, Steel Making, Hydrogen and Ammonia Production.