Better water treatment for a better tomorrow

Enerflex is an industry leader in technologies, solutions, and services for quickly and cost-efficiently treating produced water ranging in volumes from 1,000 to >1,000,000 + BWPD.  From end-to-end, we are proud to partner with our customers to deliver experience, expertise, and an unrelenting commitment to service. With resources spanning oil and gas producing regions worldwide, we have comprehensive engineering, design, procurement, construction, and project management to ensure optimization of resources and overcome process challenges.

Enerflex Water Solutions provides innovative, sustainable solutions that transform industrial water streams through the implementation of economic and simple industry transformative technologies.

Our in-house water team delivers quick answers, insightful data, and straight forward solutions that provide you with great value and the knowledge to treat and handle your produced water.

We have a full range of produced water treatment solutions for solids, oil, and containment removal – field-proven by credible NOC’s globally.

We are dedicated to lowering costs, increasing production, and optimizing your operations through flexible options for purchase, lease, complete BOOM, or operations and maintenance services.