Gas Processing Systems Designed to Adapt for Future Generations

Enerflex uses a modular, building block approach from wellhead to pipeline. Customers select individual items and service levels from a flexible menu — hydrocarbon treating, processing, and liquid handling capabilities, with extensive compression capabilities. 

With active installations onshore and offshore in every major oil and gas basin in the world, Enerflex has local expertise to understand current challenges, and a history of leveraging our knowledge to monetize new opportunities.

Specialized Gas Processing Industry-Wide

  • Pre-Treating
    • Inlet Separation / Filtration
  • Hydrocarbon Treating
    • Dehydration
      • TEG
      • Molecular Sieve
      • Silica Gel
    • Sweetening
      • Amine
      • Hybrid Solvent
      • Solid Scavenger
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
    • Dew Point Control / NGL Recovery and Fractionation
      • Joule-Thomson (JT) Skid
      • Mechanical Refrigeration Unit (MRU)
      • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid (FGCS)
      • NGL Fractionation (Process)
  • Hydrocarbon Liquid Handling
    • Cryogenic / Deep Cut
    • Stabilization
    • Flare Gas
    • LPG Extraction
  • Standard Treating and Processing Solutions
    • Built standard with ability to efficiently customize.
    • Configured for ease of installation.
    • Pre-engineered solutions, reducing design costs and delivery times.
    • Extensive experience and engineering knowledge applied to every element of the solution to ensure suitability for each specific application.

The Enerflex Advantage

  • In-house custom or standardized engineered, designed, manufactured, and constructed solutions including performance evaluation testing.
  • Initial scoping and FEED studies.
  • Global service footprint allows technicians to quickly service or modify existing assets.
  • Expansive parts inventory.
  • Partnership with the customer and our in-house compression and refrigeration experts to optimize recovery, costs, and timelines.
  • Compliant with all major codes – ASME, AISC, NEC, and ISA.
  • LC or DCS-based automatic sequencing controllers are included on all modules.
  • Operator training and after-market services.

Enerflex in Action

  • Horn River, British Columbia, Canada

    Cabin Creek Gas Plant Processing Facility

    Enerflex engineered, designed, and manufactured the facility’s amine trains, dehydrators, and compression equipment, with over 17,000 HP of compression. The Company supplied modularized amine units for H₂S and CO₂ removal. Execution of the project included 58,000 engineering hours, 350,000 shop hours, and 600 trailer loads, including approximately 70 assembled process modules.


    Enerflex helped make this sour gas processing plant the largest in the area by achieving 800 MMSCFD of raw gas inlet capacity.  The amine plant was designed to process 200 MMSCFD, and the four processing trains — each with a rated circulation of 2,100 gallons per minute (GPM) – had a total combined circulation rate of 8,400 GPM.

  • Kuwait

    104 MMSCFD Gas Processing and Treating Facilities

    Enerflex teams from Abu Dhabi, Houston, and Calgary joined forces to implement two large contracts for natural gas compression and process and treating facilities for a customer in Kuwait. These impressive 104 MMSCFD facilities required Enerflex to engineer, design, manufacture, install, and commission eight gas compressors, propane refrigeration systems, amine packages, TEG units, and a multitude of other equipment covering the full scope of the project.


    Scheduled to both come on stream one year later, Enerflex delivered these projects successfully on-time and on-budget. Enerflex’s ability to secure these large-scale projects is a testament to our global reach, extensive capabilities, knowledge, and the collaborative dynamic that exists within the organization.