Multiple Fuels, Multiple Uses, Global Reach

Enerflex provides electric power solutions from 20 kW to 50 MW using reciprocating, gas-driven engines that use natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, syngas, solution gas, flare gas, and propane. Configurations include island-mode prime power, fast-response peak shaving, and cogeneration and trigeneration – combined heat and power (CHP), as well as temporary, standby, and backup power for construction sites, pipeline pumping stations, and electrical grids.

CHP for a Low-Carbon Future

Natural gas is already the cleanest of all fossil fuels and has the lowest level of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per unit of energy input. Reciprocating natural gas engines generate electricity at high efficiency as compared to other energy conversion strategies. Adding a CHP solution to your site maximizes energy recovery and uses energy input more efficiently, further reducing your input costs, as well as your emissions footprint. Enerflex solutions can also recover the CO2 emissions for use in manufacturing processes to further enhance environmental performance.

Cogeneration / Trigeneration or Combined Heat and Power — Energy Savings Above 40%

Cogeneration or CHP systems use the waste heat created during an engine’s operation to increase overall plant efficiencies to more than 90%.

CHP systems are built around an engine / generator unit and heat exchangers that use the waste heat from the engine cooling circuits and / or exhaust. A wide range of heat delivery — from water / glycol solutions to thermal oil or hot air to exhaust gas directly — is configured to maximize output. Enerflex solutions deliver efficient and flexible energy output tailored for each installation and are available in a variety of configurations to suit any site.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint. Increasing your Power to Market.

Enerflex provides full electric power capabilities and applications

  • Equipment only supply, or complete engineering and design services
  • Co-generation products
  • Peak shaving
  • Remote off-grid island operation
  • Wide range of fuel-source options
  • Complete turnkey solutions, including field construction
  • 24/7 support, no matter how remote the location

Enerflex is the Jenbacher Distributor and Service Provider for Canada and also provides Jenbacher products and lifecycle solutions across most USA states. The Company is also a global Platinum Power Packager for Waukesha engines and parts. See more detailed product information about the different INNIO engine types and applications.

Electric Power Portfolio

  • Broad and Specialized Electric Power Capabilities
    • Industrial
    • Institutional
    • Greenhouse
    • Data Centre
    • Oil and Gas
    • Mining
    • Renewable Firming
    • Biogas
    • Sewage Gas
    • Landfill Gas
    • Special Gas
    • Flare Gas
    • LNG
  • Flexible Electric Power
    • Single engine to an entire turnkey installation of a multi-engine power plant.
    • Modular designs for simple cost-effective installation, asset redeployment, and ease-of-mobility purposes.
    • Rich and lean-burn configurations, able to run on all types of fuel.
    • Lowest emission gas engine technology.
    • Enerflex is the Jenbacher Distributor and Service Provider for Canada and also provides Jenbacher products and lifecycle solutions across most USA states.

Enerflex in Action

  • Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada

    9 MW Cogeneration Plant — Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Enerflex was able to assist in modifying the customer’s wastewater treatment system to capture the biogas it naturally produces. Once the biogas is cleaned of excess water and H2S, three Jenbacher J620 engines and a turnkey cogeneration plant converts methane into power. The three Jenbacher J620 engines have a combined electrical output of over 9 MW.


    The customer’s wastewater treatment system, which cleans effluent from the pulp mill, now produces clean biogas, allowing for the generation of renewable electricity and heat. By taking advantage of what was previously a waste stream, the customer is now able to offset a significant portion of their plant utility costs and further reduce their environmental footprint.

  • Multiple Locations, Canada

    16,800 kW Mobile Power Generation — Utilities

    A Canadian utilities company required a compact, mobile power generation solution that could be set up in environments that ranged from -50°C (-58°F) in winter to +40°C (104°F) in summer. Enerflex supplied twelve PJC1400S units with JGS 420 Jenbacher engines, each generating 1,400 kW at 4.16 kV for continuous duty, as island power or grid capable. The solution uses utility-grade, medium-voltage switchgear, with a total output of 16,800 kW. Enerflex specified Stamford 4.16 kV generators, Sutton Stromart radiators, and DIA.NE-Woodward control systems.


    The Enerflex solution was the footprint that matched client specifications. Our in-house teams designed and fabricated an easily transported, custom genset package that met Canadian electrical and gas codes, utility code, and Jenbacher packaging requirements. The units are used in oil and gas, utility firming, and greenhouses, and as emergency backup.