Be Part of a Better Tomorrow

Enerflex is a place where you can make a real impact. We hit the ground running, executing operational excellence to build a sustainable world that tomorrow’s generations will grow and thrive in.

You’ll be joining a leading energy services company with global scale and reach – so you can tap into all the opportunities for career growth and development that brings. And you’ll get to work on critical projects in a working environment where collaboration is key and innovation comes from all levels and parts of the company.

We are a global company. We welcome every person of every race, nationality, sexuality, gender, or religion into our ranks. Everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone’s contributions are valued.

We work hard to ensure everyone gets home safely, every day and value developing our workforce in any way we can, both professionally and personally. Because we’re building a brighter tomorrow, and we know that can’t happen unless everyone is empowered.

  • We prioritize your safety with an exceptional culture of risk prevention and mitigation.
  • We reward your performance with competitive compensation packages aligned to your role, region, and skill set.
  • We value your well-being and offer a comprehensive benefits package tailored to your country of work.
  • We celebrate your individual achievements with company-wide employee recognition programs.
  • We empower your work with state-of-the-art manufacturing and service facilities.
  • We help grow your career through personal development plans and dedicated technical training.
  • We support you and your family by offering a wide range of assistant programs.
  • We let you make a difference in the world and communities around you through community support programs.