Diversity. Inclusion. Safety. Community.

Our Collective Responsibility.

Enerflex’s commitment to people, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility is embedded in our core values. We are dedicated to safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which we operate. We believe that all our employees and stakeholders worldwide deserve to be treated with respect — it is a moral obligation. We understand that we have a social license to operate and commitment that is earned.

We are proud of our diverse and dedicated workforce, which is a key strength in helping us understand and meet our customer needs worldwide.

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Health and safety is of paramount importance for Enerflex. We recognize our responsibility to protect our employees, first and foremost. We also recognize that all of our stakeholders – shareholders, directors, customers, government, and the communities in which we serve – have a vested interest in our safety performance, because it is fundamental to sustainable growth.
Enerflex’s health and safety management program covers our state-of-the-art manufacturing and retrofit facilities, plus our global field locations and facilities in the after-market services, contract compression, and parts distribution businesses, as well as our multiple customer operating sites. Enerflex’s high safety standards and global approach to continuously improving its safety culture inspires ambitious safety targets.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing

Enerflex’s commitment to people is embedded in its core values: we believe our employees and stakeholders worldwide deserve to be treated with respect.

We work across geographical and cultural boundaries. We recruit from communities all around the world. Our diverse and dedicated workforce is a key strength in helping us to meet our customer needs, driving greater innovation and creativity.

Inclusive teams with diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes for all our stakeholders. We recruit, develop, and promote diverse talent. For Enerflex, diversity includes but is not limited to characteristics such as gender, geographical representation, ethnicity, race, nationality, culture, religion, language, indigenous status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, family and marital status, age, disability, education, and industry experience.

Enerflex strives to create and maintain an inclusive culture, building teams who collectively share the responsibility to prevent, identify, and respond appropriately to incidents of harassment. All employees deserve to work in a safe, respectful workplace free of harassment and bullying. A culture of respect creates a climate for employees to contribute meaningfully.

Enerflex is committed to:

  • Hiring talent with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills;
  • Developing and promoting from within;
  • Improving training and career development offerings;
  • Conducting regular performance reviews and career mapping, through a transparent, web-based performance management system; and
  • Aligning with market-competitive compensation and benefits.

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Employee Wellbeing

We endeavor to bring out the best in colleagues by establishing and maintaining a work environment that promotes positive wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices. The Company strives  to create a culture where employees can seek assistance when needed and have access to a range of wellbeing resources to help them remain mentally, physically, socially, and financially healthy. We recognize that every employee has different needs and we aim to provide support to employees at every stage of their lives.

Respectful Workplace Policy 

Our global Respectful Workplace Policy reiterates Enerflex’s commitment and expectations for a work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. In addition, each region conducts respectful workplace training to ensure that employees learn how to identify, respond appropriately to, and prevent incidents of harassment.

Our goal is to recruit, develop, and promote diverse talent. We will continue progressing towards this goal by:

  • Extending the application of the Diversity Policy to apply to the Executive Management Team, in addition to the Board of Directors. Enerflex will strive to ensure that the candidate slates for Board and EMT positions are comprised of at least 30% qualified females.
  • Providing all employees equal access to training and development, such as Values-Based Decision-Making — a course based on Enerflex values and ethical decision-making.
  • Instituting flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance.
  • Ensuring market-competitive compensation and benefits, to acknowledge the true value our people bring to the Company.

Community Engagement

We have made it our responsibility to care for the health, safety, and well-being of the local communities in which our employees live, as well as where we operate. Strengthening and helping to shape the future of our global communities is an important goal for employees and the Company as a whole. From Calgary to Houston, and from Brisbane to Buenos Aires, we develop strong links with the people and organizations that make their hometowns such vibrant, welcoming places to be. 

Enerflex contributes directly to a number of causes, and also supports charitable activities by encouraging employees to volunteer their time and talent. Enerflex is actively involved in supporting neighbouring businesses and nonprofits such as Kids Cancer Care, Habitat for Humanity, the MS Society, as well as Blood, Diabetes, and Heart Services agencies.

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