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Oil and Gas Solutions


Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Compression Building

The compressor building houses the drivetrain of the chosen refrigeration compressor, including the oil separator, suction scrubber and economizer. The refrigeration loop works to maintain a certain pressure in the chiller, which corresponds to a certain temperature

Oil Recovery

During oil recovery the oil used in the screw compressor for lubrication and cooling is separated from the gas stream.


The chiller is a refrigerant evaporator on the shell side and chills the process stream on the tube side. From the shell side, the refrigerant is sent to the inlet of the refrigerant compressor.

Propane Condenser

Air-cooled condensers use air to remove heat from the refrigerant vapor. The vapor is condensed through the finned tubes while the cooling air is circulated around the outside.

Refrigerant Receiver

The receiver is where the liquid propane for the entire system is stored and where the propane is fed into the system.

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Enerflex continues to lead the industry in the engineering, design, and manufacture of modular refrigeration systems used for natural gas chilling and liquids recovery, plus petrochemical and specialty applications. We are the leader in mechanical refrigeration (to -40° C) for both liquid recovery and dew point control. Enerflex refrigeration systems are utilized around the world providing efficient cooling for a variety of applications beyond gas processing, such as CO2 scrubbing in clean coal power generating facilities. Enerflex offers a  wide range of refrigeration capacities, from 10 tons to 10,000 tons, with temperatures as low as -40° C. We apply the right compression solution – rotary screw, reciprocating, or centrifugal – for the required refrigeration duty. In the area of electric-driven rotary screw compression for propane and hydrocarbon refrigeration, we are working closely with Howden Compressors Ltd, Frick, and Mycom.