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Oil and Gas Solutions

Dew Point Control

Dew Point Control unit

Propane Condenser

Air-cooled condensers use air to remove heat from the refrigerant vapor. The vapour is condensed through the finned tubes while the cooling air is circulated around the outside.

De-Ethanizer Tower

A hydrocarbon stream of mainly liquid is fed into the de-ethanizer tower, where hydrocarbon vapor is created by the reboiler and contacted with the down flowing hydrocarbon liquid through packing or a series of trays, where mass transfer occurs to produce a bottoms product at the required specification.

Water Separator

A separator is used to remove both water and hydrocarbons from the gas.

Gas Chiller

The chiller is a refrigerant evaporator on the shell side and chills the process stream on the tube side. From the shell side, the refrigerant is sent to the inlet of the refrigerant compressor.

Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger transfers heat energy from a high temperature gas stream to a low temperature gas stream.

Low Temperature Separator

A low temperature separator is used to separate water and hydrocarbon streams (vapour and liquid) at low temperatures to improve hydrocarbon liquid recovery.

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We understand our customers’ desire to maximize the value of their hydrocarbon stream by extracting valuable natural gas liquids. This includes extracting streams rich in ethane to pentanes plus. Enerflex provides a variety of customized systems using traditional refrigeration (-40°C) and cryogenic (173°C) processing, whether your focus is dew point control or deep cut liquids extraction. We will design the system that gives you the balance of technical and economic performance that you are looking for, tailored to the precise makeup and conditions of your raw gas stream. Please see the accompanying items on Mechanical Refrigeration, Cryogenic Processing, and Fractionation.