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Global Presence

Global Presence

Middle East / Africa

Enerflex serves this large region, where many countries are rich in oil and/or natural gas potential, with products and services that reflect the desire for modular, easy-to-assemble, long-life systems backed by seamless access to parts plus the option to outsource long-term operations and maintenance contracts.

Our regional headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi, with additional offices in Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. Enerflex has completed extensive work in other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as in Yemen, Nigeria, Egypt, Gabon, Angola, and other countries. We are attuned to regional market trends such as the push to reduce gas flaring, to provide natural gas and liquids products to consumers, to supply gas for critical facilities such as desalination plants or fertilizer manufacture, as well as traditional requirements like electric power, cooling, and enhanced oil recovery.

Enerflex brings its 38 years of industry experience to bear in supporting the broad push to make better use of the region’s large and diversified natural gas resources – how they are produced, processed, and distributed – through customized compression and processing solutions, from the wellhead to the pipeline. Enerflex’s expertise includes specialized applications such as preparing gas for re-injection into wells or for shipment to LNG liquefaction terminals, gas compression and refrigeration systems for petro-chemical facilities – virtually anything involved in transforming raw resources into valuable, marketable commodities with a wide range of uses.

Enerflex’s demonstrated capabilities include everything from a small, cost-effective fuel-gas treatment unit at the wellhead to the complete integrated provision, including field construction of a gas processing plant with condensate extraction. We are a leading expert in modular design and construction, levering our state-of-the-art, multi-bay fabrication facilities in Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta. These facilities are configured specifically for the manufacture of diverse skid-mounted systems and packages, engineered for a 30-year service life.