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Exceptional Total Rewards

We all need to be paid for our work, that is clear. Good companies, however, offer some reasons for people to join and stay that go beyond compensation. Exceptional companies do even more, providing everything their people will need – opportunity, support, recognition, development and advancement – to build satisfying careers.

At Enerflex, we have built a culture and a setting that will reward you for your contribution, help you excel in your tasks and allow you to flourish for years and even decades. This is how our values of Integrity, Commitment, Creativity and Success are manifested.

Strong Leadership

Enerflex’s leaders are solid people with extensive experience in our industry. They believe in the Company and its people. They use values-based decision-making to guide Enerflex and develop the qualities needed for its long-term success. Central to that is focusing on Enerflex’s people – giving you the tools you need to do your job, and above all keeping you safe, in every job, every day. Enerflex’s leaders show integrity, forward thinking, competence and knowledge, and they strive to inspire those around them to help achieve the Company’s goals and vision.

Great Tools, Equipment and Systems

You’ll be proud to call Enerflex the place you work. Whether it’s in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our Calgary headquarters or one of our service locations, you will work in modern, ergonomic, and safe surroundings. Whether it’s making a midnight service call in the dead of winter, or flying into a remote location you will have the right tools and equipment needed to excel. Multi-million-dollar capital investments have equipped our manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge, computer-driven tools like plasma cutters and profilers. We use modern processes to achieve high productivity and safety performance and turn out top-quality products. Technical and professional staff have the up-to-date software they need, and most of the Company communicates and shares electronic files and work using a SAP-based system.

New Employee Orientation

As soon as you walk in the door you will be welcomed to the Company with the New Employee Orientation program. It provides you with helpful information on our Health and Safety program, the Company’s history, our Human Resources programs and policies, and the various benefits employees receive.

Learning and Career Development

The training we provide and the development opportunities we offer are of the highest calibre. That’s central to being the industry’s best at what we do, and it’s part of our commitment to enabling our people to thrive. Growing your skills and capabilities will make you an increasingly valued member of a team that is innovative, competitive and dynamic.

Our training programs provide the tools for the highest levels of individual and team job performance. As an Enerflex employee, you’ll be eligible for education assistance for approved courses that benefit both you and the Company. Your career development can progress both across the organization, as well as up through the levels. We use a role profile system that helps us map out career progressions, talent mobility and career management on a global basis.

Total Compensation

Enerflex’s Global Compensation Philosophy is to provide competitive pay for competitive performance, align employee performance and business objectives, retain key talent and reward high performing employees. Enerflex strives to provide a compensation program that is market-based, externally competitive and internally equitable.

At Enerflex, depending on your position, compensation can include base pay, premiums and allowances, commissions, bonus programs, short-term incentives and long-term incentives.


Employee Group Benefits

You will be eligible for employee benefits such as medical and dental coverage, life insurance and disability coverage. We also have retirement savings programs and stock purchase plans. The details of the plans and participation eligibility are location-dependent.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

In joining Enerflex, you’ll have access to support that will help you maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. The Employee and Family Assistance program is an external counselling and referral service for you and your dependents that is voluntary, confidential and anonymous.

Health, Safety and Environment

You’ll find that Enerflex meets its commitment to safeguarding your health and safety. We have a clear record of increasing safety performance across facilities, locations and business units. It begins with the clear commitment of our senior leadership to the safety of all Enerflex employees. It includes providing our people with well-designed, well-equipped places in which to work, including state-of-the-art tooling and well-maintained vehicles. As a global Company , we operate a sophisticated safety management system. It has numerous specific programs and initiatives that put you at the centre, with active participation in managing your own safety and that of your fellow team members. You can find much more on this here.

Performance Management

Performance is critical at Enerflex. Meeting our promises to customers, shareholders and each other demands high levels of performance from the Company – and every employee. Performance management is an on-going process by which your leaders will seek to help you improve your performance, you will take responsibility for your on-the-job performance and all of us will be accountable for our learning and development. In turn, our commitment is that we will also perform – giving you the tools you need to become even more effective, recognizing your individual potential and maximizing opportunities for you to contribute to Enerflex’s growth and success. Our approach to performance management can be summed up this way: “Establish common goals and deliver results” and “Anticipate and meet customer needs”.

Service Recognition

Because our people are the source of Enerflex’s success in serving customers, we formally recognize the service and commitment of individuals to the Company’s goals and values through the Service Awards and Retirement programs.

Community Involvement

Enerflex’s values lead directly to our profound commitment to strengthening the communities in which we operate, and helping to shape their future. Our locations are often among the prominent employers in the rural communities where they are situated, and we want Enerflex to play a positive role in each of them. That means adhering to a range of best practices while we’re on the job – and supporting our employees in their role in the community. Employees are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that may be organized through the corporate, facility or branch level.


Listening and communicating effectively are critical to any relationship, and dialogue within Enerflex is no exception. It contributes to our overall success and, we hope, to your on-the-job satisfaction and confidence in the Company. At Enerflex you’ll find that we communicate with each other in a range of ways, in addition to having an open-door culture and offering every employee access to their immediate supervisor or manager. These include:

  • Employee Intranet: Our Intranet holds a broad base of information, including news items, upcoming events, employee contact details and general working files;
  • Direct Communication: Approximately three times a week you will receive an email or internal posting that updates you on Company initiatives. Updates can include information on new team members, safety messages, Human Resources messages, messages from Senior Management and our Ethics 101 feature; and
  • Town-Hall Sessions: A couple times a year, members of the Executive Management Team or regional managers will meet with employees in each of our facilities. Topics can include regional updates, Company or employee success stories, safety performance or new safety ideas, current projects and other successes, organizational changes or Enerflex's financial results.

Valuing You

Total compensation means more than just pay.